AUBURN, Maine — Bald Hill, those surprisingly hip purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana, will welcome a pair of guest artists Saturday night with the intention of blowing the lid off  Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Co. Doors open at lunch and stay open all day/night; the band will preside starting at 8 p.m.

With the addition guest guitarist Frank Fotusky and keyboardist Matthew Detroy, Bald Hill plans to build a veritable wall of sound on the banks of the Mighty Androscoggin. Longtime followers of the band may well recognize Matthew as the brother of BH mando savant Ben Detroy. Rumor has it there will be several more Detroys in the audience Saturday night. So you’ve been warned…

Fotusky, nationally renowned for his stellar Piedmont blues stylings, is no stranger to Bald Hill, having sat in on several occasions, including an early January gig across the river at Guthries, in Lewiston. We were fortunate to capture some rich content from that performance. Check out the Sound & Vision page here at to see the videos, all of which feature Frank holding forth.

That was essentially an acoustic show, mind you. Frank will be playing a lot of electric on Saturday night and we’ll all be plugged in beside him. With the full drum kit and Matthew on organ (filling all the cracks), we will indeed build a wall — one Phil Spector would be proud of. And don’t worry: It’s all paid for in advance!

Quick reminder: This Feb. 11 gig is the first of several coming up this spring. Come out and see Bald Hill: