2016.03.05 grittys b&w

NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — Bald Hill has announced a raft of new show dates for April, May and June. It has also stocked this here website with a new set of recordings demonstrating the band’s surprisingly hip purveyance of blues-inflected newgrass, rock and folk.

To hear these new aural offerings, visit the SOUND & VISION page (via the tab above).

Upcoming show dates include:

  • Saturday night, April 2, at Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company, located on the corner of Main and Court streets in downtown Auburn (8-11 p.m.);
  • Friday night, April 15, at She Doesn’t Like Guthrie’s Restaurant & Café, across the Might Androscoggin in Lewiston (8-10 p.m.);
  • Saturday night, May 21, when Bald Hill is back at Gritty’s in Auburn (8-11 p.m.); and
  • Thursday night, June 9, when BH will preside at a barn party host by Chandler House B&B, located at 337 Intervale Road, just north of New Gloucester Village (5-9 p.m.)

The band is particularly pleased to entertain at Chandler House on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. Many locals already know what a gracious, architecturally interesting addition this establishment has been to the New Gloucester community. If you don’t, come and check it out. There’s no better place to stash your relatives when they come to visit — and this barn is world class.

On June 17, Bald Hill will also play a return engagement at a private party in our hometown of New Gloucester.  You can’t come — or rather, we’ll leave it to our hosts to invite you. But do be advised: The band does play private parties and is now accepting bookings for the summer. Act now while supplies last (see CONTACT tab above to get in touch). And do follow us here or like us on Facebook to stay fully abreast of all things Bald Hill, including updates and additions to the show schedule.

One more thing before we go: As the band is continually evolving — adding new songs and genres to the repertoire — it’s ever more complicated to answer this most-central question, “So, what do you guys play?” We get this all the time, and it’s a reasonable line of inquiry for anyone considering a night out with Bald Hill.

In the past, we have described ourselves as “those surprisingly hip purveyors of blue-inflected newgrass, rock and folk.” That’s accurate, but somewhat flip. To be more concrete, we sometimes share recent set lists (scroll down a bit to find one of those). What’s more, we post here at baldhillband.com our new recordings as they are generated.

But we recently came across a not-unfamiliar term that would appear to sum up our sound quite neatly, cleanly and succinctly: “Americana”. To further edify the matter, here’s an eloquent and apt definition of Americana, courtesy of noted Weskid, academic and journalist Carlo Rotella: “high-gloss corporate country’s earthier foil and partner, which embraces not only folk traditions but also vintage commercial styles drawn magpie-fashion from bygone eras.”

So, if you’re into that, do come out and join us this spring.