Bald Hill recently commanded the big stage at the Gendron Franco-American Center in Lewiston. Quite a venue. Listen here to our version of K.D. Lang’s “Big Boned Gal”. 



Bald Hill recently returned to She Doesn’t Like Guthries in Lewiston. Some video was had. See here that oh-so rare cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. Yeah, we went there, with Renée St. Jean doing the heavy lifting.


Bald Hill’s bluegrass roots run pretty deep…

hal 50th birthday

Bald Hill is available to play private parties. We can low-key it around a central mic, or we can turn your backyard into a psychedelic shack, as we did here. Listen here to something we played that night, one of our faves:

Ben Detroy perform’s one of his originals, “Matt’s Breakdown”.

Another rarely tackled tune, Steely Dan’s “Any Major Dude”, with Hal Phillips presiding.



2015.08.21 Bald Hill Grittys

Bald Hill in the shop window at Gritty McDuff’s in Auburn. We are (from right) Ben DeTroy, Renée St. Jean, Hal Phillips, Chris Ricardi and Chris Dombrowski. Here’s a Tom Waite’s tune we did that night:

Lead guitarist Chris Ricardi handles this CSN cover, with trademark aplomb.



Braving the elements during a recent outdoor gig in Hebron. Here’s one we did that day:

Another selection from the Franco Center show, Dave Rawling’s “I Hear Them All”.


A little Johnny Cash never hurt anybody…

Bald Hill tackles songs old and new. Check out this Son Volt cover (yeah, a Son Volt cover).


Ben Detroy’s stirring rendition of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road”.