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BH Fronts Amiable Critter Reunion Show at SBE — TONIGHT

AUBURN, Maine — Late notice, but do join Bald Hill this evening for three hours of live and lively entertainment here at the Side By Each Brewing Co. BH, those surprisingly hep purveyors of newgrass, folk rock and Americana, will be joined on stage by members of the Amiable Critters — the one-time Norwalk, Connecticut-based super group — in addition to other special guests, assorted former Bald Hill collaborators, several farm animals and a cardboard cutout of Bobby Goldsboro.

Curtain is 6 p.m., leaving plenty of time for music, food, SBE’s signature beer (try the Kuriro rice lager) and related frivolities. Don’t miss it!

The Critters were, in fact, the DeTroy family band made famous throughout key-but-limited portions of the Nutmeg State by their multi-part harmonies, square jaws and hearty German stock. Ben DeTroy remains the mandolin and fiddler for Bald Hill, of course. Tonight he is reunited with brothers Tom, on vocals, and Matt on keyboards. Also on hand this evening are former Bald Hill drummer Kim Chasse and serial in-sitting crooner Ted McHugh.

“It’s going to be some beautiful, sonorous chaos up there tonight,” Ben DeTroy explained the night before. “A bit like The Last Waltz, only without the heavy drug use. Or Dylan.”

Sound & Color Collide this Saturday Night at SBE

AUBURN, Maine — Don’t miss Bald Hill’s show here at Side By Each Brewing Co. this Saturday night, March 11. And don’t miss the new and distinctive splash of color behind the band.

Area quilt artist and BH super fan Sharon Vandermay has fashioned — for the common musical good — a sound-absorbing backdrop of riotous color that debuted late in January, the last time Bald Hill played SBE. On that occasion, the expansive coverlet was suspended in rusticated-but-not-so-efficient fashion between two ladders. On Saturday, like the band, it will perform to its full breadth and capabilities, thanks to a custom stand.

As Fernando Lamas made clear, it’s more important to look good than to feel good. It’s better still to sound good, and the new quilt will play a vital role there.

Bald Hill, those surprisingly hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana, prefer to perform around a condenser microphone or two, moving back and forth in the old-time, Appalachian style. No need to plug in each instrument, or multiple “dynamic” mics: The condenser picks everything up and relays a pure, unadulterated sound to the audience.

Condenser mics are very sensitive, however. They pick up every little sound in a room, even those that might have ricocheted off walls and ceilings back toward the performers. This results in the feedback. The new quilt will serve to absorb those ricochets from behind, and reduce feedback, even when BH deploys common/dynamic mics. While all the while looking totally fabulous. Click on the picture to enlarge and better appreciate its detail.

Chase Away the Winter Blues with Bald Hill, at Side By Each, Friday Jan. 20

AUBURN — The winter months, in Maine especially, place a higher priority on warm, friendly confines, fine ales and new material. All will be on hand when Bald Hill returns to Side By Each Brewing Co. here in Auburn on Friday night, Jan. 20. Showtime is 6-9 p.m.

And while we’re marking our calendars, please circle March 11: Bald Hill is scheduled to play Side By Each that evening, as well. When spring will be just around the corner. Technically.

The dead of winter, where all find ourselves now, is an surprisingly fruitful time for Bald Hill, those remarkably hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana. Vacation and travel tend to be more limited in January and February — leaving more time to practice and develop new material.

When the band holds forth on Jan. 20, expect plenty of old favorites, but also a raft of new songs from Mandolin Orange (now known as Watchhouse), Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Old Crow Medicine Show, Tyler Childers, Merle Haggard and Emmylou Harris.

BH Back at It: Saturday at Side By Each

Bald Hill will return the stage this Saturday, Oct. 29, with a Halloween show at Side By Each Brewing Co., in Auburn.

Showtime is 6-9 p.m., and do come dressed for the occasion. The good folks at Side By Each are going all out Saturday night, two nights early: costume contest, Spooky punchy… They’re even unveiling a new beer!

Halloween 2022 can also be seen as a tipping point: Winter is coming. We can all feel it, in the air, and that means Bald Hill — everyone’s favorite, surprisingly hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock, traditional country and Americana  — will again rise to meet its joyous musical obligations. Surely the band’s eclectic selection of newgrass, folk rock, traditional country and Americana won’t sing themselves!

Join us at SBE, where we hope not to recognize you at all. At first.

Bald Hill at Davinci’s Friday night, April 15

LEWISTON, Maine — Bald Hill, those surprisingly hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana, will drop into the Grappa Room, here at Davinci’s Italian Eatery, this Friday evening, April 15, from 6-9 p.m.

Davinci’s, home to the best pizza and pasta in the Twin Cities, has started hosting live music this spring. On Thursday nights, local acts have been holding court in the expansive bar area. On Friday nights, starting with Friday’s Bald Hill show, the music will move into the Grappa Room, where two large, garage-sized doors will open — essentially connecting this erstwhile banquet space with the bar space.

Bald Hill will preside therein, around a central mic, with an acoustic set of bluegrass, alt-country and traditional tunes. Rumor has it that, come Friday evening, several new selections will be test-driven inside Davinci’s massive, brick-bedecked, former mill space.

Be advised that Bald Hill will be popping up and dropping in to play music all over Maine this spring. Fresh of its triumphant All Dead Revue, which drew 200 patrons and exhausted the glass supply at Side By Each Brewery on April 2, BH will take the Revue on the road in May — up north, to the Blue Ox Saloon in Millinocket, on May 28. That show will benefit Boreal Theater Community Arts. Three days later, the band will feature at the Music for Mavis concert series on the town green in Turner, May 31.

Bald Hill is poised to confirm several more dates for June and beyond. For news of those shows, stay glued to this space.

BH back at SBE Jan. 22, with special guest, Frank Fotusky

Frank Fotusky

AUBURN, Maine — Bald Hill, those surprisingly hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana, returns to the Side By Each Brewery on Saturday night, Jan. 22. The doors there at 110 Minot Ave. open at 11 a.m. The music begins at 6 p.m.

Bald Hill has accepted the invitation to perform monthly, in residence, all winter long at Side By Each. Next month, the band will host at SBE its annual All Dead Revue, a wildly popular Grateful Dead tribute featuring a collaboration of Bald Hill and multiple area musicians, a.k.a. Friends of Bald Hill (FOBH). Watch this space for further information on precise February dates — and news of other engagements.

Meanwhile, the Jan. 22 gig will showcase its own FOBH, the inimitable Frank Fotusky, sitting in on lead guitar. Frank plugs in to play with Yellow Sun Wreckers, a band featuring BH vocalist Renée St. Jean. But Fotusky is a nationally recognized virtuoso in the acoustic discipline known as piedmont-style blues. Indeed, Frank just released a new album last week, “Digging In John’s Backyard.”

Another great show in the offing. Y’all should come.

Bald Hill Brings the Music Back: at Side By Each, Oct. 30

AUBURN, Maine — Wondering what to do the night before Halloween? Join Bald Hill, those surprisingly hep purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana, at the Side By Each Brewing Co., starting at 7 p.m.

Side By Each has quickly built an extraordinary reputation for amazing beer and food, all of it served in lively, socially responsible environs. But the award-winning brewery (home to the Humble Brag double IPA) has not hosted live music since, you know, before that thing… Bald Hill is proud bring it back this Saturday night, 30 October.

The Great State of Maine boasts so many breweries these days, it’s hard to keep them all straight. But Side By Each in Auburn, located at 110 Minot Ave. (just West of Mac’s Grille), is different. The beer is excellent, always a dozen or more on tap in a wide variety of styles. But there the ordinary falls away.

Side By Each is a socially responsible, sustainable operation. What does that mean? In addition to beers on tap, the growler culture is strongly fostered here. Glass jugs (and kegs) are filled to order, on site, via a handy-dandy apparatus that preserves beer quality far longer than your average tap-filled jug. The space itself is sprawling, to allow for a socially distanced experience. If that’s what you want. If not, belly up to the giant horseshoe-shaped bar.

Here’s another thing: No tipping at Side By Each, because the owners, both veterans of Maine’s elite brewing culture, are committed to paying their employees a living wage. Starting early in the morning, said staff brews up CBD coffee and espresso drinks, to sell alongside locally made pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Pinky D’s Poutine Factory, recently called out by Downeast magazine as one of Maine’s top 5 food trucks, prepares lunch and dinner from its new kitchen inside the Side By Each space.

As a New Gloucester-based 5 piece, Bald Hill has (you may have noticed) developed a real fondness for the beer, space, ethos and food at Side By Each. We recommend the Korean-style BBQ poutine, the Kuriro rice lager (Kuriro is Japanese for “Auburn”), and the German Weissbier known as Jam on Toast.  We also recommend you try them Saturday night, starting at around 7 p.m.

BH at MCD in Portland, April 19

Attention Portland-area and otherwise south-lying peeps: Bald Hill will bring its surprisingly hep brand of blues-inflected newgrass, folk rock and Americana to Maine Craft Distilling on Friday evening April 19. Showtime is 7-10 p.m.

If y’all have visited MCD before, you know what a warmly post-industrial-yet-cosmopolitan space they’ve created there on Washington Street, which has become ground zero for the city’s freshest new restaurants and bars. If you haven’t been there before, we recommend the Queequeg with soda & lime.

After a crazy fall, culminating with its first annual All Dead Review and third annual New Gloucester Christmas Concert, NG-based Bald Hill hibernated for much of January and February, practicing new material and participating in various side projects. The April 19 show will prove the band’s 2019 spring awakening prior to a glut of performances slated May, June, July and August. Watch this space (and sign up for notifications!) to stay abreast of upcoming show dates.

BH releases spring dates, new recordings

2016.03.05 grittys b&w

NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — Bald Hill has announced a raft of new show dates for April, May and June. It has also stocked this here website with a new set of recordings demonstrating the band’s surprisingly hip purveyance of blues-inflected newgrass, rock and folk.

To hear these new aural offerings, visit the SOUND & VISION page (via the tab above).

Upcoming show dates include:

  • Saturday night, April 2, at Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company, located on the corner of Main and Court streets in downtown Auburn (8-11 p.m.);
  • Friday night, April 15, at She Doesn’t Like Guthrie’s Restaurant & Café, across the Might Androscoggin in Lewiston (8-10 p.m.);
  • Saturday night, May 21, when Bald Hill is back at Gritty’s in Auburn (8-11 p.m.); and
  • Thursday night, June 9, when BH will preside at a barn party host by Chandler House B&B, located at 337 Intervale Road, just north of New Gloucester Village (5-9 p.m.)

The band is particularly pleased to entertain at Chandler House on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. Many locals already know what a gracious, architecturally interesting addition this establishment has been to the New Gloucester community. If you don’t, come and check it out. There’s no better place to stash your relatives when they come to visit — and this barn is world class.

On June 17, Bald Hill will also play a return engagement at a private party in our hometown of New Gloucester.  You can’t come — or rather, we’ll leave it to our hosts to invite you. But do be advised: The band does play private parties and is now accepting bookings for the summer. Act now while supplies last (see CONTACT tab above to get in touch). And do follow us here or like us on Facebook to stay fully abreast of all things Bald Hill, including updates and additions to the show schedule.

One more thing before we go: As the band is continually evolving — adding new songs and genres to the repertoire — it’s ever more complicated to answer this most-central question, “So, what do you guys play?” We get this all the time, and it’s a reasonable line of inquiry for anyone considering a night out with Bald Hill.

In the past, we have described ourselves as “those surprisingly hip purveyors of blue-inflected newgrass, rock and folk.” That’s accurate, but somewhat flip. To be more concrete, we sometimes share recent set lists (scroll down a bit to find one of those). What’s more, we post here at our new recordings as they are generated.

But we recently came across a not-unfamiliar term that would appear to sum up our sound quite neatly, cleanly and succinctly: “Americana”. To further edify the matter, here’s an eloquent and apt definition of Americana, courtesy of noted Weskid, academic and journalist Carlo Rotella: “high-gloss corporate country’s earthier foil and partner, which embraces not only folk traditions but also vintage commercial styles drawn magpie-fashion from bygone eras.”

So, if you’re into that, do come out and join us this spring.





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